Hi all,

Please, check carefully the pictures bellow.

And let us explain them a little to you: To avoid defects such as the internal voids due to overly rapid cooling or insufficient pressure, the latest decision with our former tooling supplier (yes, you have read well, former, we will explain you this along this update) was to have the internal slider of the big part totally re-manufactured (check the pictures), adding some material flanges in order to reduce the thickness of certain areas. The problem with this is that the adherence factor is very high now by the effect of increasing the injection pressure and the more complex section generated, the pressure needed to extract this slider now is excessive and the metallic retainers bend or even break.

This big issue, added to several imperfections, the systematic delays and the incapacity to fulfill these tools with the required quality have pushed us to take a critical decision: to change the injection tooling manufacturer.

We didn’t want to accuse anybody of this unacceptable delays along the project but now it’s about time, we cannot be covering this vendor anymore because it’s not fair for us and he doesn’t deserve it. We had the production ready except for the injection stage since march 2013.

We know you are very angry because of our delays and lack of information but honestly, the supplier has screwed us constantly, always lying about the deadlines and always postponing the delivery of the samples systematically and this attitude has been very very uncomfortable for us and we didn’t want to be always giving the same excuses… You can understand us or you can judge us, but the honest reality is that we have had our homework done on time and that we have committed a beginner’s mistake: a wrong supplier’s selection, maybe without gathering enough references about him to be sure he was going to work efficiently. To be honest, the rest of the suppliers have worked like a charm and we are really pleased about the election.

We will tell you the name of our f!&$%ing and lazy vendor when we are shipping the product if you wish. For the moment, we prefer to hide him.

The status of the injection tooling are now at 90%, but its quality is not enough for us. And our duty is to take decisions to deliver the best product as soon as possible. By the way, we want to tell you this decision is going to be paid by our personal money (most of you maybe are thinking we deserve it… yes, you are right, this is part of the game), as soon as all the money collected was committed since the beginning as you can imagine for each of every stage needed (supply of components, electronic assembly, PCB manufacturing, injection tooling, packaging manufacturing, accessories manufacturing, certifications, development, shipping,…).

The status of the rest of the production stages is OK. This means: along this 2 next weeks the new supplier is going to be working hard on refining the injection tooling and we will be informing you as soon as we get his feedback.

Please, criticize us, but not too much… it’s not only our fault on this matter… and in contrast we have been fighting with the supplier until our moral limits… A priceless experience but too much exhausting and sad.


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