Hi all!

We hope you enjoyed Halloween and had a terrifying night. In this special date we also want to make a special update.

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As many of you have asked for, we want to show some of the features included in the first version of the Light OS. Here is a video showing some running modes that we call Apps:

All these Apps run autonomously in the L8 software and are launched from the mobile app. We’ll develop more new Apps and release them in coming software updates, but some of the them are already included in the current Light OS version:

* Proximity activated Lamp: just hover your hand over the proximity sensor and turn on/off the L8 in the color you want.

* Ambient light activated Lamp: The L8 will turn on automatically when ambient light is low in the color you want.

* Dice: just for fun, who needs analogue dices anymore? Two dice types: 1-6 and poker dice in every color.

* Party Lighting: Let the L8 colour your room with the rhythm of the music.

* Ambient lights: four ambient light modes: Rainbow, Aurora, Galaxy and Tropical. All of them in different speeds so you can have a more active or a much smoother lighting.

All these modes can be suspended temporarily if a notification arrives. You’ll see your notification and after a few seconds the app will run again.