What the hell happened?

Unfortunately, all processes were and have been more complex and complicated than expected. In order to solve and overcome all issues (manufacturing issues, faulty parts management & RMAs, logistics, storage) we were forced to face a much higher cost than initially projected. The injection tooling was 2x the estimated cost, we included more technology than originally planned on the device after setting the KS project rewards prices (sensors, BTLE…), the stack licence cost, developing hours to create the API, SDKs, Certifications & marking, Apps, … handling manpower for shipping and handling.. the shipping cost way underestimated… Yes, due to our lack of experience we miscalculated everything from a timing and cost perspective – The world is not perfect as we once thought..

In conclusion, everything that could potentially have gone wrong, went wrong. However, our passion and desire to fulfill and complete what we started is still here. It is time to be honest and transparent with all of you.

What is happening now?

All operational issues have been solved, however, a small batch is still pending delivery. The units have been stored for months in our warehouse waiting to be shipped.

The TRUTH is that we run out of money and we have not been able to raise capital (other than our own savings and credit, all invested during this journey)

The reason why we were not able to raise capital was because we did not file for a patent as we had no other option but to allocate all funds to production. In other words, No IP, No Money!
Additionally, we have a pending past due balance with some of our partners which is blocking the remaining units to be finally delivered.

What is in our mind to fix this f*ck up?

OK, we are going to sell this extra stock units to generate enough revenue to pay our logistics partners and finally deliver the remaining units.

Some of you will think this is another lame excuse, and yes, we have no credit or right for more excuses… but honestly, we have thought of every single possibility and based in our assets and inventory, this is the only way to finish what we started.

We are 110% committed to deliver every single unit to its rightful owner.

This approach will allow us to deliver 3 units per new unit sold.

We are launching a campaign to sell the extra units with the following message to maximize reach and accelerate sales.

“Share the Light, Share the Happiness” or “Share the light, share the love”

We’ve created a Facebook campaign to be shared with your network.


Because we owe than to you and without you we would not have learnt this valuable lesson.
Because is the only way to succeed given our real paradigm.
Because we are fully committed to the project.
Because we will deliver every unit.
Because we want to succeed.
Because we will never give up.

And because we still want to revolutionize the way people uses light and color.