• We are back :)

    What the hell happened? Unfortunately, all processes were and have been more complex and complicated than expected. In order to solve and overcome all issues (manufacturing issues, faulty parts management & RMAs, logistics, storage) we were forced to face a much higher cost than initially projected. The injection tooling...

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  • We’ve started shipping! :)


    HI ALL!!!!! We’ve finally received some of the final enclosures and we’ve started the shipping phase!! We’ll be making regular shippings in the following weeks to complete all orders. International orders will also be included from the begining. We’ll be sending your shipping information as the order...

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  • L8 Progress


    Hi all!! We have continued working on the App and software development to support all devices (mobile, PC and tablet) and operating systems. For iOS devices , we have integrated the L8 SmartLight with the Apple Notification Service Center so that all notifications coming to your phone can be displayed on your L8 automatically...

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  • L8 Integration with ANCS


    As mentioned in our last post, we have been working in parallel with the final enclosure piece and the L8 App, and so, it is time now to finally share with you a video with the latest improvements! One of the major improvements of the L8 development has been the integration with the Apple Notification

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  • Halloween Update 1/11/2013


    Hi all! We hope you enjoyed Halloween and had a terrifying night. In this special date we also want to make a special update.   As many of you have asked for, we want to show some of the features included in the first version of the Light OS. Here is a video showing some

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  • Mobile apps preview


    Here is a sneak peek of some of the functionality the App will initially include: lighting control, L8ties management , social notifications and use of sensors. Find below a few screenshots of the App running in both iOS and Android devices. Android App:   iOS App:   It’s looks nice, isn’t it? :)  

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  • Packaging & Accessories


    As we keep moving forward in production, this week update will mainly focus on packaging and merchandising elements. It’s made of pressed cardboard, in black color and lined in matte finish with a life-size picture of the L8 on the top face. Inside, there are custom compartments for the L8 device, the USB cable and

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  • Production progress update (2)


    The production process succesfully progresses everyday and we can tell you that electronics assembly has reached 50% progress. The first finished units are entering in the next step: firmware programming and first functional quality control. In the pictures below you can see all the PCB panels assembled on one side and...

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  • Firmware Update Tool


    Hi all!!!! Here is the L8 Firmware update tool!     The L8 has two working modes, the User Mode and Recovery Mode. The User Mode will be the default mode that will allow the user to connect the devices via Bluetooth and control all L8’s functionalities. The Recovery Mode, however, will only need to

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  • New Enclosure Tooling Report


    Our new tooling supplier just sent us a full report with the required casing molds modifications to achieve the desired high quality standard we aim for. Based on the report, we only need to make some severe changes in one of 3 molds, and some light modifications in the other 2 pieces. Great news is

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