L8 Labs


L8 Labs are the things we are working on and that will be soon available for all users.
If you have any suggestions or ideas we’ve not thought about, please tell us!! or share it with the community!!
We’ll love to hear about them

3D Lamps

Can you imagine better accessories for the L8 than 3D printed lamps?!
3D printing technology is awesome! Infinite design possibilities to make the light the shape you whish. 3D printed lamps are the perfect accessories for the L8.
Take the control of your home’s design and lights!

Navigation device

L8 can be a great assistant for navigation
Specially for bikes and motorbikes, L8 shows you just the most relevant information you need in every moment. And you’ll always have your phone’s audio aids for extended info ;)


iBeacons are becoming more and more popular overtime and we’re finding new ways of using this technology.
iBeacons offer great features to users and L8 can be a great device to become an iBeacon for certain uses.

L8 SmartLight Meets Hue

Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect your L8 to your Hue bulbs?
That’s what we’re doing! We’re turning your Hues into light notificators for your social events.
Also, the L8 with its sensors is the perfect complement to adjust the light of your room to the temperature or the music! It’s also a great movement based remote control!


More Internet, more possibilities
By integrating IFTTT rules engine with L8 we’ll make it more powerful and you’ll have more Internet turning into light.


One L8 is great. Multiple L8s is awesome!!
We’re already developing new apps and ways of using multiple L8s for different purposes.
Stay tunned as new updates will be coming soon.

Accessories for 3D printers

Do more with your L8
New accessories, new uses.
For example: Transform your L8 into a bike rear light with this holder.