L8 and Android

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Download the App on Google Play

The L8 SmartLight official app is available for download on Google Play

Here, you’ll find some tips about using your L8 with Android devices.

  • Use Bluetooth 2.1 for Android devices
  • Issues while connecting with Bluetooth
    If you get a pop-up message saying it only could connect with the Simulator, go to the app menu (on the left) and section “L8s”, and tap on “Scan & Connect”. A list of devices will appear. Select L8 and use the pairing code “0000”. You’ll be connected to your L8 if it turns on the Bluetooth status LED on the top face.
  • Notifications on Android 4.3
    To enable phone notification on the newest Android devices, go to Settings > Security > Notifications and check the L8 SmartLight checkbox.
  • Notifications on Android 4.2 and earlier
    Notifications on Android 4.2 and earlier are available through the Accessibility section. Just go to Settings -> Accessibility and enable the L8 SmartLight App. Now, Internet and Phone notifications will light on your L8.